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Micheal Corey

Micheal Corey
Micheal Corey
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal
Ciudad natal: Buenos Aires
Miembro desde el: 11/10/2013
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Acted as Host for Sudan´s Foreign Minister´s Delegation to Washington D:C:
Managed a 7.3 million dollar USAID Grant
Researched international human rights law for Amnesty International Australia
Assisted in refugee resettlement
Drafting and defending legal Human Rights briefs against the Government of the United States of America.
Drafted constitutional amendments for state of Colorado and the creation of MEDAD, an international human rights NGO.
Community Representative, to the government Colorado, for an international human rights and cannabis freedom rally.
Director of Research for the Middle East and Africa Democracy and Human Development organization.

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Information about Micheal Corey

I worked on Amnesty International Australia Refugee and War on Terror research teams. I supported the AIA team and informed of refugee issues around the world. That consisted of conducting interviews of refugees regarding the persecution they faced in their home country. These interviews required diplomacy and understanding.
On the War on Terror Team, I had the privilege of being on a two-man project researching Australia’s adherence to the Convention Against Torture (CAT). We researched how Australia failed to uphold its commitment to the CAT, by allowing two of its citizens to be held and tortured by the US Government at Guantanamo Bay. My research and report was then compiled into AIA’s 2007 position on the Convention Against Torture.
At Rocky Mountain Survivors Center (RMSC), when I suggested that we approach the research of assisting asylum seekers and refugees in a similar manner to AIA, RMSC immediately implemented this idea. I continued to conduct research as based on the AIA model. At RMSC, I was part of a team that created an event on World Refugee Day, attended by the Mayor of Denver and other key Colorado political figures, who reaffirmed their commitment to assisting refugees living in Colorado. I assisted refugees in adjusting to their new lives by teaching classes ranging from English to job skills and even using public amenities such as the bus and library. One of my research projects at RMSC, researching the situation in Sudan, Chad and the DRC, was brought to the attention of an RMSC director, Mr. Wail Nuri.
When my research caught the eye of Mr. Nuri, the founder and CEO of Middle East and Africa Democracy and Human Development (MEADAD), he invited me to join MEADAD as the Director of Research and Development. In December of 2009, on behalf of MEADAD, I hosted and arranged meetings with high-level government, business and NGO officials for one of Sudan’s Foreign Ministers, Mr. Omar El-Samani.
During my employment at the Center for a Free Cuba, I supported the executive staff by conducting research on Cuba and US-Cuban policy, as well as researching other issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. Some of the research I conducted was incorporated into the speech by the Center’s president, Amb. James Cason, in his testimony to the House Committee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection. I also managed the Center for a Free Cuba’s 7.3 million dollar USAID grant.
Returning home to Colorado from Washington D.C. and becoming more involved in the cannabis freedom movement, I began focusing on the War on Drugs as a human rights violation. During this time I drafted a constitutional amendment for the legalization of the cannabis plant. I also uncovered the deletion of government emails regarding law enforcement activities and regulations of the medical marijuana industry. I was also involved in Federal and state court cases against the governments of both Colorado and The United States of America.

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Experiencia: I have gained over 8 of experience conducting legal research , creating and supervising programs on human rights, conflict resolution, immigration, refugee and local drug policy reform issues. I have written constitution for both state constitutional amendments and for the creation of Human Rights NGO´s as detailed below.

Micheal Corey
Micheal Corey

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